How Do I Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering?

If there’s a game store close to where you live, ask them if they have a free introductory deck for beginners. Wizards of the Coast gives these out through stores so as to promote the game.

Another good option to learn the gameplay flow and mechanics is through the free-to-play Arena platform. Right at the start you’re given free beginner decks and there is a comprehensive tutorial you can go through. It’s available on both PC and Mac so anyone can play.

Tap&Sac also has a great depository of articles written specially for beginners, including topics like combat, card types, and draft and deck-building strategies.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Magic: the Gathering?

The cost of Magic: the Gathering can be as low as 0, and as high as you want it to be. With the free-to-play MTG Arena, you start with a good sample of beginner decks. By playing daily quests and earning free gold and cards, a beginner can slowly build up his/her collection.

MTG can also be very expensive, if you invest in Reserved List cards or buy premium Foil versions of cards that can cost hundreds or even thousands. Game accessories such as card sleeves, play mats, and deck boxes also add on to the cost of MTG. Here are 5 cheap ways that you can get into playing MTG.

How Do I Reach Mythic Rank in MTG Arena?


There are many factors that go hand-in-hand in order to hit Mythic Rank in MTG Arena. Minimally, you’ll need a mid-tier deck that is flexible enough to deal with different threats as you are going to be playing against a lot of different decks and opponents. The best-of-3 format will allow you to have a Sideboard that can help with bringing in solutions.

Time commitment is another aspect that many players underestimate. Since only a win allows you to climb a step in the rankings, and a loss means you drop, there needs to be a good winning percentage plus time dedicated to put in the games. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to achieve Mythic Rank in Constructed format.

How Do I Build a Commander/EDH Deck?

The first and most important step to building a Commander/EDH deck is to choose your Commander. Your choice will help steer the direction and focus of your deck, as you’d want most cards to have some sort of synergy with your Commander. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a Commander.

After choosing a Commander, you’ll need 99 other cards to form your deck. There can only be one copy of each card except for Basic Lands. Pick cards that share colour identity with your Commander, and look out for abilities and effects that can play off your Commander as well.

Can I Make Money from Magic: the Gathering / MTG?

MTG can be used an long term investment tool, where you can buy and sell single cards or sealed products. Generally, older cards, especially from the Reserved List, can fetch a higher price because print runs in the past were lower and fewer were kept in pristine condition.

However, Magic card investments are considered illiquid compared to stocks and financial instruments, as the collector community is smaller and it can be hard to find a willing buyer for higher priced cards. For short-term investments, traders ‘flip’ cards whenever there is a new set release, and can earn a small but quick profit.

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