How to Reach Mythic Rank for the 1st Time in MTG Arena

There are many tips to reaching Mythic rank, but the most important is bringing a deck that you like and master piloting that deck. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your deck, you can make better decisions and vastly increase your chances of winning.

managing commander playgroup and figuring competitive level
Managing Your Commander/EDH Playgroup and Social Construct

How should you manage your Commander/EDH playgroup and social rules so that all have a good time? Everyone needs to know how to handle the social construct.

find out where's the best place to MTG in Singapore with our full review of 18 LGS
Complete Guide to All 18 MTG Game Stores in Singapore

Our unbiased (and non-sponsored) guide to all game stores in Singapore that cater to the MTG community. We’ll be analysing play areas, staff friendliness etc.

full review of midnight hunt commander decks
Full Review: How Good are the Midnight Hunt Commander Precon Decks?

There have been 11 precon decks in 2021, and it’s not over yet. This time we have 2 Commander precon decks featuring the new mechanics Coven and Decayed.

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players complete guide to mtg magic jargon and slang

Players Comprehensive Guide to MTG Slang/Lingo/Jargon

You go into a community or store event not understanding what people are saying. We’re help to help explain common Magic jargon – no more embarrassing moments!

How to get started playing Magic - paper or Arena

7 Easy Steps to Get Started Playing Magic: the Gathering

Where does a new Magic player start, if you don’t already know someone who plays the game? Don’t let the game scare you – here are Tap & Sac’s 7 quick and easy steps to get you started!

MTG Basics: What Colour Should Beginners Play?

The easiest path is to play the colour (or colours) that resonates with your own personality and character. Each colour and the various combination duos in MTG represent certain traits

Black Lotus, MTG's most famous card is an artifact

Magic Basics: Artifacts – Ancient and Ever Present

Think of Artifacts as tools in Magic. They’re inorganic, but some are living while many others are not. Swords, chariots, and even little rocks are just some examples of Artifacts’ importance in the game. Magic’s most famous card – Black Lotus – is an Artifact and it is undeniably powerful.

Magic Basics: Cool Combat Tricks To Beat The Opponent

Imagine this: the Battlefield is stalled with loads of Creatures on both sides. You could charge in and trade off with the opponent. But what if the opponent has a bigger army, or you have less life to spare – it’s just too dangerous to swing in.


Irfan is an avid MTG Arena player from Singapore

Go With MTG Online or Arena Because Paper Magic is Just Too Expensive – Irfan Rawi

On the digital plane, anyone can play MTG without breaking the bank. How did Irfan transition from being a paper fanboy who couldn’t stop himself buying booster packs to an online-only spell caster?

Larry Liu, Singapore MTG player, lover of Elf decks

An Unforgettable Audience with Larry Lord of Elves

You know him as the guy who plays Elves, but who knows how Larry Liu became so pointy-eared? I certainly didn’t, and It was one of the hot topics for a TGIF afternoon.

Rena is an MTG Alter Artist in Singapore

A Deep Dive With Rena Into The Art of Altering MTG Cards

The work of altering MTG cards was taking up so much time that Rena left her part-time job at KOI to fully commit to her art – and sacrificing her holidays.