Will these new Unfinity cards make commander different or will it have no effect?
Which Controversial Unfinity Cards Will Impact the Commander Scene?

A good number of new Unfinity cards will be legal in Commander, and some look pretty strong. Hype aside, will these actually make an impact in the format?

Singapore's 1st Commander Quest event was a sell out, with hundreds of players playing EDH and walking away with a promo card.
Full House of Magic and Fun at Singapore’s 1st Ever Commander Quest Event

Ahead of the anticipated release of Warhammer 40k Commander decks, over 200 players gathered for the Commander Quest event. Relive the magic through our photos!

full review of warhammer 40k MTG Universes Beyond Commander Preconstructed decks
Which Bloody Deck Came Out on Top in Our Warhammer 40k Commander Review?

Overall Wizards did a good job upping the power of the Warhammer 40K Commander precon decks, but surely one is better than the rest – find out which one!

exclusive unfinity spoiler card tests your scrabble skills
Exclusive Unfinity Preview Card Goblin Cruciverbalist Wants to Test Your Scrabble Skills

Unfinity blasts into space! it gets crazier with stickers, amusement parks, and Space Jace? Our exclusive spoiler card adds to the mayhem with some word twists!

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Magic Basics: Gladiator Format Pros and Cons Explained

Do you like longer games, lots of back and forth, and casting big spells? Gladiator format might be right for you, as a casual way for new players to learn!

The core principles of deck building in Magic the Gathering

3 Simple Steps On Your Wary to Build a Magic: the Gathering Deck

Are the different formats, deck sizes and restrictions confusing? We break down deck building to 3 core principles and you’re on your way to playing Magic!

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It’s easy to get confused between 3 of Magic’s newest formats – Pioneer, Explorer and Historic. Where can you play these and which cards are eligible?

All you need to know about the Commander Draft format in Magic MTG

Magic Basics: The Commander Draft Format

Commander Draft is the natural conclusion for 2 popular formats in Magic: Commander and Draft (no prizes for guessing). Want to get started? Here’s how!


Singapore-Malaysian MTG Artist at Ubisoft

Gone and Back to a Magical Land: Artist Julian Kok

Julian Kok traversed 3 countries over a 15 year period to get to where he is today: creating artwork for Magic, a game he has loved and played since childhood.

Learn more about the local Magic community in Singapore and find people to play with

Unwinding From Work with Magic – Tim Rops

Tim thinks of Magic as his way to relax after a long week staring at computer screens. Find out what’s his current favourite Commander and local game store!

Irfan is an avid MTG Arena player from Singapore

Go With MTG Online or Arena Because Paper Magic is Just Too Expensive – Irfan Rawi

On the digital plane, anyone can play MTG without breaking the bank. How did Irfan transition from being a paper fanboy who couldn’t stop himself buying booster packs to an online-only spell caster?