Magic: the Gathering is a Game for Everyone

Tap & Sac began as a dream – to see more people play Magic. We love this social and complex game, and one of our missions is to broaden accessibility and inclusiveness. We want more ladies to play, and seniors to gather for a quick game. We wish the game was as widespread as Poker, and as easy/cheap to pick up as Uno.

Everyone can have fun in the Gathering.

We know there are many barriers to the game, so we’re building an extensive library of helpful articles for new players to help them get settled in. Here’s a small selection:

But there’s more to Tap & Sac than just beginner articles. We also run advanced strategy guides on all formats that experienced players will find helpful too.

We truly believe everyone, of all races and genders, has a gamer inside them. Perhaps the difference between us lies in how far you want to go in competitive gameplay. Tap & Sac will help you with that.

Whether you are a casual or competitive player, everyone has something to learn, or impart to other players. We hope to tap (a pun!) on both casual and competitive players to share their insights. 

Why We Want to Make Magic Mainstream

Mention Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, or even Hearthstone, and most of your friends will respond. Sadly, few have heard of Magic: the Gathering, a game that is almost 30 years old. In Singapore, we estimate a 5000-strong player base, among a population of over 5 million. Impressive numbers, but undoubtedly the aforementioned games have larger communities.

Tap&Sac wants to form a strong MTG community for beginners, and take the game mainstream

Heres a simple comparison with Fortnite. The recent Fortnight world champion took away US$3m in prize money, and he’s only 16 years old. Magic’s world champion in 2019 brought home US$300,000 – a bewildering 10 times difference. Magic’s most popular YouTube Channel – Tolarian Community College – has just over 600,000 subscribers, while Fortnite’s Ninja channel has 24 million. Thats 40 times bigger. We believe that Magic also has broad appeal, not just to men who like to play games.

Gaming naturally appeals to men more than women, and we hope to change that as well by leveraging on the social and physical aspect of Magic. Paper Magic can be a platform for interaction and making true friends. In an age of increasing toxicity within online gaming, players forget how to treat each other with dignity and kindness. Tap & Sac aims to improve the game’s perception to outsiders, while also being a bridge that beginners can hop on to.

Okay, So What Does Tap & Sac Actually Mean?

Short for “Tap and Sacrifice,” Tap & Sac is one of the most commonly used in-game lingos in Magic: the Gathering.

Tap means to utilise, while Sacrifice refers to a player having to kill off something they control. The phrase has its roots in the game’s most famous and expensive card – Black Lotus – as well as many, many others: 

Now that you know what we’re about, you can help too! We are always on the lookout for contributing writers, and also any ideas or resources that can aid our cause. If you’re interested, please drop us an e-mail!

Enjoy your time here, and remember to always have a good game. 

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