The Craziest Universes Beyond Crossovers MTG Players Want to See

Universes Beyond MTG is growing fast, just like Secret Lair did. Is any crossover out of bounds? Here are what players think

The Craziest Universes Beyond Crossovers MTG Players Want to See

With Wizards of the Coast’s reveal for upcoming releases in 2024 and part of 2025, a few Universes Beyond entries stood out. For those just getting into the MTG, Universes Beyond is the game’s crossover series, taking beloved characters from other franchises and creating 100% playable and official Magic cards out of them. Among many other IPs, last year’s big one was Hasbro’s Transformers and this year we’ve had Lord of the Rings and Dr Who.

It’s been announced that tentpole game series Fallout and Assassin’s Creed will have official Universes Beyond releases in 2024, and Japanese powerhouse Final Fantasy to debut in 2025. This has got MTG fans so excited that they’ve started to think what’s next, and is there anything that is just too far beyond imagination? There have been My Little Pony MTG cards, so perhaps that answer is no.

Although it seems like Wizards is taking whatever it can get under the Universes Beyond banner, we believe there are a few key indicators that push a franchise past the finishing line, such as:

  • Ability to bring new fans into the game of MTG
  • It can sell well to MTG players
  • Fits (loosely) into the worlds and themes of MTG

Practical considerations aside, here are some of the wildest and most popular Universes Beyond collaborations that fans have been creating mockup posters for (and how likely we think this will actually happen):

MTG Universes Beyond x Peppa Pig – Doubt It

Originally proposed as a tongue-in-cheek response to the multiple Universes Beyond announcements, the contrast here is so wide that MTG players will find it hard to believe this will come to pass one day. Peppa Pig is a beloved children series featuring minimalist art and such simple plotlines like a day at the beach that it’s hard to see anyone in the family wielding any kind of magic. Would artwork feature highly detailed versions of Peppa and her family, or would it have to stay true to the crossover brand?

One outlet could be to do Peppa Pig as a promotional Secret Lair release, or in a standalone set. Wizards of the Coast has done comedic sets before, notably their Un series which are not tournament legal. If Peppa Pig were to become a reality, it would likely sit within this universe where cards have an acorn hologram instead of the regular one. Those sets don’t sell as well though, thus it may make Peppa Pig less attractive as a crossover product.

MTG Universes Beyond x Fast & Furious – Afterburners Needed

Apart from Lord of the Rings, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Dr Who, Universes Beyond has not ventured far into the limelight of Hollywood and the big screen. Part of that likely has to do with how big and complicated a licensing deal with such franchises would be. A significant part of every dollar earned would likely have to be paid as royalties, and this can be a stumbling block.

That said, Fast & Furious wouldn’t the craziest thing MTG has done in recent years. The likes of seeing Dominic Teretto’s or Dwayne Johnson’s likeness on a MTG card is going to excite most players, and maybe bring in a few new ones too. The mustangs and fancy cars can easily be adapted into MTG’s Vehicle card type, which requires a Creature to ‘crew’ them in order to operate. We’re ready for a ride.

MTG Universes Beyond x Barbie – 50-50 Chance

Barbie is taking over the trending topics today, thanks to its better-than-expected performance in the box office. Granted Barbie’s movie star will fade once the movie leaves theatres, but landing a crossover with one of the world’s best-selling toy franchises would be a major win for MTG.

We’ve not caught the critically-acclaimed film yet, but a Universes Beyond version could feature a brand new plane in Magic where everything is layered with a glaze of vibrant pink. In a world where everything is pretty and perfect, who could possibly fit in as an appropriate antagonist?

MTG Universes Beyond x Diablo – Very Likely

Diablo checks off many boxes that we think would make an absolute homerun as a Universes Beyond set. Firstly, it’s a world-famous franchise deep set into fantasy worlds filled with angels and demons – right up MTG’s alley. Secondly, if game crossovers have been the strategy, than Diablo fits nicely as well without the complications of film studios. The recent release of Diablo IV in 2023 shows that the franchise is far from dead.

It would be almost child’s play for Wizards game designers to fashion MTG cards from iconic Diablo characters such as Cain, Tyrael, the Butchers, and yes even Diablo itself. The only downside here is that it could be too similar in look and feel to MTG itself, and an innovative new mechanic would be needed to stand out on its own.

End Step

If you’re wondering why we didn’t mention any of the mega franchises such as Marvel or Star Wars, that’s because we already did 2 years ago! Back when Universes Beyond was just an infant, we ran a piece trying to predict the next 5 years of crossovers.

We haven’t been very good voyeurs into the future, but here’s hoping one of these fan wishes above will get their day in the spotlight. Till then, we’ve always got Fallout and Assassins Creed to look forward to very soon. Time for us to dig up those old games and have a quick playthrough.

After playing from Tempest to Urza's Saga block, Ted took a 20 year break from the game before returning to the classic Plane of Dominaria in 2018. His favourite formats are Commander, Draft, and, grudgingly, Standard.

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