First Look and Honest Review of Luxury Gaming Table Knight by Paling

Early honest review of Paling Gaming's Knight table, suitable for playing Mahjong, MTG and other card games

First Look and Honest Review of Luxury Gaming Table Knight by Paling

You’ve probably seen photos of epic, massive gaming tables on social media and wonder: how do I get one of those? Apart from building one yourself, there hasn’t really been any high-end option for those in the Southeast Asian region. That has changed today, with the new Knight gaming table by Paling.

When in-person gaming started to make a comeback in 2022, Paling was founded in Indonesia to satisfy this need. After months of R&D and prototyping, their first tables are ready to launch. Tap & Sac was invited to an early preview where we could try out their various offerings.

While their product line includes big 6-8 player tables (called the Initiate and Brave), we were mostly drawn to its smallest sibling – a small but impactful table called Knight.

What is the “Knight” Gaming Table by Paling?

The Knight is Paling’s smallest gaming table that fits 4 people in a cozy square configuration. Unlike regular tables, Knight comes with a reversible table counter – one side has a solid wood furnish with the Paling logo, and the other is a green suede surface very similar to what mahjong tables use.

Each corner of the table has a recessed cup holder good enough for tall bottles of wine glasses to sit in. These cup holders are not 100% foolproof, so a hard knock will still push over taller glasses/bottles, but for most cups it’s going to be very safe. Any condensation from cold drinks would also flow right into the recess, so no worries about water damaging your cards.

The Gameplay Experience

Shifting away from the usual rectangle tables that most MTG players are used to, Knight’s square configuration does have an advantage – each player is equidistant from one another, making interaction seamless and natural. The biggest drawback is that you can’t have a game with more than 4 players. There’s always the option to buy 2, if your wallet is willing (see below).

The suede surface acts as a stand-in playmat, which does a good enough job of preventing scratches on your sleeves’ back, and also allows for smooth sliding of cards when you’re sending Creatures into combat. The slime green is a nice touch for those that want to play mahjong on the Knight, but it is rather static and could become boring over time.

When that happens, flip the table top onto its hard surface and you can place your favourite playmats on it. With a length of 115cm, the Knight will be just about right to fit 4 60-cm long standard playmats (with slight overlap).

Paling Knight table for table top and MTG games, comes with cup holders and folding drawers.

Under the table, each side reveals a folding drawer that becomes a temporary shelf for all your accessories like dice, token cards, and even single deck boxes. And when you’re done with the games, just close them up to restore the Knight’s sleek look.

Build and Finishing

The Knight uses plywood instead of Mindi (found in their higher end tables) but you can’t really tell even as you rest your arms on the table.

It’s still an amazing feel to run your figures over the lacquered wood, with a little help from its dark grain. The metal components such as the black iron legs are really sturdy so there’s no worry about excess weight crumpling this table.


Most players are going to like the Knight, but the biggest question remains – how much does it cost? In Singapore, Paling’s official price is S$5735 (about US$4306), which is clearly no small sum. That’s equivalent to around 20 MTG Collector Booster boxes, 2 sofas, or 3 decent 4K TVs. Bottom line: it’s not cheap, hence the luxury tag.

The Knight would best suited for those looking to build the ultimate game cave in their home, where comfort and style trumps over everything else. Unfortunately that high price puts it out of reach of casual gamers and mere mortals, where the money could be used to build more decks.

End Step

Let’s recap on the outstanding features of the Knight:

  • Solid and sturdy
  • Storage under the table top
  • Fold-out drawers on each side
  • Cup holders that don’t stick out
  • Suede table top option

And here’s what’s not so good about the Knight:

  • High price
  • Max of 4 players
  • Currently only green for suede top

Overall, the Knight looks cool, just like a Ferrari does. But it’s not going to make you a better driver. If US$4000 is pocket change, by all means this will be a worthy buy. However, for the rest of us, spend the money on necessities (and a few chase cards you’ve been eyeing).

After playing from Tempest to Urza's Saga block, Ted took a 20 year break from the game before returning to the classic Plane of Dominaria in 2018. His favourite formats are Commander, Draft, and, grudgingly, Standard.

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